5 Steps To Do Before Painting

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It might seem inconvenient, and you might just be excited to slap on a new, fresh coat of paint but it is important to prepare your room for painting for a few reasons. The steps we provided to prepare your room will help protect furniture and floors and should lead to a more successful project in the end.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Room for Painting:

#1: Your Furniture

Furniture is not cheap and paint stains can be permanent. This is especially true for upholstered furniture like your couch or recliner. You can wipe off a paint spill from wood furniture if you notice it but that will slow down the painting process. The better idea is to move the furniture to a different room before you start to paint.

If you can’t do that then you should move the furniture to the very middle of the room or the farthest spot from the walls. If the project includes painting the ceiling, we recommend first painting the very middle of the ceiling then after that dries, placing the furniture under that spot.

#2. Your Floor

You don’t want a permanent paint stain on your refinished hardwood floor or your beautiful carpet. New hardwood and new carpet are both extremely expensive. Best case, if a paint stain sets on your carpet, you can hire a carpet cleaning service to remove it. But that isn’t cheap either.

To protect your floor, place a canvas or heavy cloth sheet over as much of the floor as possible. Move the sheet around as need be during the project. Avoid plastic sheets or tarps because oftentimes the plastic slips and shifts and there is a chance that will lead to an injury or a spill.

#3. Electrical Outlets

You will want to remove the electrical outlets from the walls before you start to paint. To do this, you first need to turn off the electricity in the room you are painting. Find your home’s circuit breaker box for this. Then unscrew all of the outlet covers or plates from the wall and place electrical tape over the outlets themselves to avoid paint splatter on them.

This is also a good time to remove the blades from your ceiling fan if you are painting your ceiling and removing the electrical base of the fan from the ceiling. You should cover the ceiling fan in plastic too to avoid paint splashing and drying on it.

#4. Your Trim

You should remove the trim around the base of the walls or place painters tape around the top and the bottom of the walls. Sometimes the paint on the trim cannot be washed easily so it is best to avoid paint spilling on it. You should do the same for window trim and remove any curtains and shades too.

#5. Cleanup & Repairs

Don’t paint a dirty wall. You should dust the wall and wipe it down with soap and water or TPS before you paint. You should also repair damage to drywall using spackle or a patch kit from the hardware store. Be sure to sand down any bumps in the wall to. You want a smooth, clean surface to paint on.

Follow each of these 5 steps in order to ensure your furniture and floor are protected and the entire room is ready for painting.

How to Repair Scratches in Hardwood Floor

wood floor scratch

You might have observed that hardwood floors are one of the most efficient and durable choices for homeowners. However, they can handle the wear and tear better than other flooring solutions, but it is advised to take immediate action if you observe any sign of wear and tear. Generally, they suffer damage due to dog claws, high heel shoes, improper movement of furniture as well as due to dirt and grit.

If you have just observed  few scratches on your hardwood floor you do not need to refinish the entire floor because one can easily repair the damaged area. Below are few useful tips to remove scratches from hardwood floors:

  • Using cleaner solution:

The minor scratches on a hardwood floor can be finished by simply using a floor cleaner. All that you need to do is, get a damp cloth and dip it into hardwood floor cleaner solution. Now rub it on the affected area repeatedly. After this use a clean cloth to rinse the area. Once you have treated this area, simply let it dry and apply a protective finish like Shellac to get back its natural shine.

  • Using wire wool to fix the trouble:

If you find some scratches penetrated below the wood then they must be repaired with the help of a wire wool. Take a small amount of hardwood cleaner and apply it on the affected area. Rinse it and let it dry for some time. Now rub the area with wire wool but note that you have to move it in the same direction as that of the grain. As soon as the scratch becomes invisible, take some was and rub it over scratch to fill as well as blend it. Now let this area harden for at least 10 minutes and then you can buff it with a soft cloth.

  • Using wood putty:

Those who are in stress due to deeper scratches on their hardwood floor are advised to use wood putty of the same color as that of your floor. Note that you cannot buff these deeper scratches as professionals do not advise this procedure. The best idea is to take some amount of putty with a knife and apply it on scratch carefully. Once you apply it, let the area settle for few hours and then use a good quality sandpaper to smoothen the surface. After this clean the area and refinish the area with a single coat by removing dust.

Note that, when you observe scratches on your hardwood floors, they must be treated as soon as possible otherwise they can become incurable with ignorance for a long time. The process is quite simple and it will take few minutes from your weekend holidays. In case if you find any serious issue on your floor then prefer to consult professionals in your area as they can fix it fast with dedicated methods. Care and prevention is the best way to stay safe from trouble and it will help you to maintain perfect beauty in your house.

What Causes Carpet Mold?

carpet mold

Hardwood floor becomes more popular each year, but carpet is still the most common type of flooring found in most homes across the country. Homeowners love the cushioning, color and comfort of carpet in their home.

But carpet can be difficult to maintain. It needs regular vacuuming every day, it needs spot treatment for spills and stains and it needs deep cleaning from a professional company once every 12 months or even more often.

Your carpet is very sensitive to moisture. If carpet is exposed to too much water or moisture, there are several problems that can occur and one of them is carpet mold. Not all carpet mold is visible. In fact, most often, the mold is underneath the surface. You might notice this mold in your home by its smell. If a musty or mildew smell is being emitted from your carpet, there is a good sign that there is carpet mold beneath the surface of the fibers.

The smell is most common after water damage occurs. You need to hire a water damage restoration service in the event of water damage in your home or to your carpet.

However, one of the most common causes for the mildew or musty smell of carpet comes from deep cleaning carpet. Homeowners will often complain of the smell a day or two after hiring a carpet cleaner to steam clean their carpet. But therein lies the problem.

The technical term for steam cleaning carpet is hot water extraction. This process for cleaning carpet requires extreme amounts of moisture to clean the carpet. The equipment blasts wonder under the backing of the carpet to the point where it reaches the carpet pad itself.

The service will dry the surface of the carpet with heated suction. This results in a dry touch after 6-12 hours to where most homeowners believe their carpet is dry. The problem is, the equipment is unable to dry or remove the moisture that went as deep as the carpet pad.

That moisture sits there for 24-72 hours until mold starts to form. Then the mold produces the mildew or musty smell the homeowners complain of.

This means you need to be careful when hiring a carpet cleaner. Research the company’s methods to see if the company uses steam cleaning or hot water extraction. There are alternatives to these methods.

You can hire services that use a chemical form of cleaning called “dry carpet cleaning ” that uses hot carbonating extraction instead of hot water extraction.

You don’t need to upgrade to hardwood or tile floor to avoid mold in your carpet. You can avoid carpet mold with routine vacuuming to avoid water or liquids sitting on the surface of the carpet and by hiring a company that uses an alternative method of deep cleaning than steam cleaning.

This will ensure that no mold grows in your carpet and your home will be free of the musty and mildew smell associated with carpet mold.

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

refinish kitchen cabinets

The cost of a kitchen remodel is often very expensive. Creative homeowners will often find ways to save some of their remodel budget and complete on or two projects on their own. A good DIY project in a kitchen remodel is to refinish kitchen cabinets.

The cost of new kitchen cabinets adds up fast. Even more so if you decide to purchase custom-made cabinets for your home. The good news is that refinished cabinets add new style to your home for much cheaper.

Here is how to refinish kitchen cabinets:

The first step in the project is to remove the hardware from the cabinets. You should just need a screwdriver for this step. If you are going to reuse the hardware, store the pieces somewhere you won’t lose them. Otherwise, if you intend to purchase new hardware, you can throw out the older pieces.

You should thoroughly wash each cabinet box you want to refinish and fill the old screw holes with wood putty if you won’t be using the old hardware again.

Once the cabinets are dry from washing them, you should sand them with 150-grit sandpaper and remove residual dust with a cloth or a handheld vacuum.

Then start with a coat of primer or sealer on the cabinets. The new color in style is white for the farmhouse look but you can also choose a wood stain for your refinished cabinets. You will probably need one coat of primer and two coats of the finishing paint for the best results.

First paint one side of the doors and drawers and edges and let it dry. Then flip the door over to the other side and repeat the process. Do this for all of the doors and drawers you want to refinish. Let the pieces dry over night.

The next day, sand the surfaces with 220-grit sandpaper and remove the loose dust and debris from the doors.

Now measure the holes for the new hardware and drill pilot holes into those locations on the doors and the cabinet boxes. Then you will need to install the new hinges you bought from the hardware store. You will need a drill for this part of the project.

Then the last step is to reattach the doors by screwing each door into the new hinges using either a screwdriver or drill.

Your cabinets should look brand new with a fresh coat of paint or stain to match the new style of your kitchen remodel.

Learn About Radon

You should test your home for radon. You can purchase a test kit for radon online or at a hardware store or you can hire a home inspector or a professional able to perform the test with certified equipment.

It is very important that you know if your home has unsafe levels of radon in it. Radon is most typically found in basements of homes and it is very dangerous.

Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the USA after cigarette smoke and tobacco. If you smoke inside your home and you have high radon levels, you and your family are in serious jeopardy of developing lung cancer in your lifetime.

Radon is radioactive gas. The gas is invisible and it doesn’t have any type of smell or taste at all. This means it is very dangerous because you will have radon in your home and have no idea it is there unless you perform a test or hire a professional service for testing radon.

You want levels below 4 pCi/L. A level above that is considered dangerous for your home and you will need to mitigate the gas from your home. You do not want to live with high levels of radon.

The US EPA estimates that one of every five homes has elevated levels of radon in it that are dangerous for the home’s inhabitants. Homes with elevated levels of radon in them have been found in every single state across the USA so it is a national health concern and you need to be aware of it.

We cannot recommend testing for radon enough. You will have no other way of knowing whether there are high levels of the gas in your home or not. You will not notice the effects of radon right away either to warn you. The effects happen very slow over a long period of time and might not reveal themselves until several years after you are first exposed to radon.

You can learn more about radon online or use our contact form for recommendations of radon test kits. We would recommend hiring a professional as the results are more likely to be correct than a DIY kit.

How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor

refinish hardwood floor

The popular trend in home flooring in 2017 is hardwood floors. Homeowners are tearing out carpet and installing hardwood floors or refurnishing the hardwood floors beneath their carpet. Learn how to refinish a hardwood floor in your home.

The cost to replace hardwood flooring is extremely expensive. A brand new hardwood floor can cost $5,000 or more depending on the size of the room and the quality of the wood you purchase. You should refinish your wood floor instead. The project isn’t too hard and you will save a lot of money in the process. Here is how to do it:

You can determine if you need to refinish your hardwood floor with a test. Drop some water onto the surface of the floor. If the water beads or slowly soaks into the floor you probably do not need to refinish it. You can just polish it instead. If the water soaks into the wood immediately you will want to refinish it.

You can’t start the project until the wood is smooth. You will need to sand off wax and other damage to the wood first.

You need to prepare the room. This means you need to remove interior doors and baseboards as well as curtains and pictures on the wall. You need to remove all of the furniture in the room too

To sand hardwood floor creates a lot of dust. You need to place plastic covers over doorways, air vents and windows to protect them.

You should rent an orbital sander from your hardwood store. Keep the sander in motion at all times. The sander will damage the floor if you leave it one spot too long. Start in the center of the room and work outward. Use handheld sanding tools for near the walls of the room.

You need to sand the room several times. During the second time use a medium-grit sandpaper. Use a vacuum to remove all of the debris and dust from the sander.

The third time you sand you need to use a fine grit sandpaper. Repeat the process with the handheld tools and vacuum again.

Now mop the floor and buff any rigid surfaces with a screen sander. Then dampen the floor with mineral spirits. You can then stain the floor if you want a new wood color for the room.

If you are not staining the wood you need to apply a sanding sealer before the polyurethane finish. Then sand the floor again after it dries. You want the floor to be dust free before you add the final finish.

The last step in the project is the polyurethane finish. This seals the floor. This is why you don’t want dust or debris beneath the finish.

Stir the finish and apply it in smooth strokes. You don’t want any bubbles in the finish. You will need to apply a second coat. Let the coat dry for 48 hours or more.

After 48 hours you can install your interior doors and return your furniture and other items to the room and enjoy your beautiful, refinished hardwood floor.

Increase the Value of Your Home

There are different ways that you can increase the value of your home. Many people are considering increasing the value of the home, when they are considering selling the property as some point. There are also people that are just seeing the importance of increasing their home’s value. It is important to make sure that you know how you can increase your home’s value successfully.

Talking to a contractor with remodeling experience

The first thing that you can do is to talk to a contractor that has to remodel experience. They will be able to give you some tips on what you should do first to your home to increase the value.

There are some things that can increase the value a lot more, and you need to make sure that you know what this might be. If you don’t have any remodeling and home improvement experience, you might not do the right improvements to increase the value.

Doing home improvements in and outside of the home

It is important to make sure that you aren’t just going to do some home improvements on the inside of your home. You should also consider doing the improvements on the outside of the home. This is especially important when you are going to consider selling your home after you have done the improvements.

When you are doing improvements on the outside of the home, you will not only increase the value, but also make it more presentable for potential buyers.

A bathroom and kitchen can increase the value a lot

One thing that you can also do to ensure that you are increasing the value of your home is to upgrade the bathroom and kitchen in the home. This is the two parts of a home that is able to increase the value a lot.

This is also the part that people want to have more modern and beautiful. Even, if you don’t sell your home, this is normally a great place to start with doing home improvements.

Adding a swimming pool or another room to the home

If you are living in an area where a swimming pool can be a bonus, this can also be something that you can consider. Adding a swimming pool increases the value and makes the home more presentable if you are planning to sell the home in the future. And, just think how much fun you can have with your family in the pool. Adding another room to the home will automatically improve the value of the home, and this can be considered if you are in need of extra rooms in the home.

There are many things that you can do, to increase the home’s value. You should just make sure about your budget, needs, and the amount that your home can increase to, before you start doing the home improvements. Doing home improvements can be making your home’s value more and makes it better to live in or to sell the home.